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Fund Research

Resident Research Awards

Radiology and radiation oncology residents must pursue a research project during their residency program, supervised by their faculty advisors. These projects provide a way for young researchers to gain experience as well as advance medical and imaging knowledge. The results of these projects are presented at the ACVR annual conference and published in the veterinary/medical literature as a means of disseminating new knowledge. A donation to the ACVR Foundation will provide much needed funds to support these research projects.

Diplomate Research Awards

Veterinary radiologists are uniquely qualified to pursue research in imaging due to their knowledge of multiple species and multiple imaging modalities. They also provide critical expertise for imaging aspects on collaborative projects. Funding for research projects can be difficult. You can provide funding assistance to help radiologists and radiation oncologists develop new knowledge and techniques in imaging and radiation oncology by donating to the ACVR Foundation.

How will my donation be used?

The ACVR Foundation will use the donations to advance the science of veterinary radiology and radiation oncology through research. This will improve the diagnosis and treatment of disease in animals and people. The Foundation awards research grants yearly to ACVR residents-in-training for basic or clinical research in veterinary imaging or radiation oncology. In addition, the Foundation also awards funding to ACVR diplomates for veterinary imaging and radiation oncology related clinical and basic research. The funds may be used for independent research or to support pilot research programs designed to appeal to larger granting agencies. Thank you for your support.