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Honor an Individual

Honor Your Veterinarian

You and your veterinarian share a close bond through the collective compassionate and constant care of your pets. You can honor your veterinarian through a gift to the ACVR Foundation and provide a lasting tribute to their hard work and dedication.

Honor a Mentor or an ACVR Diplomate

Everyone has been influenced by mentors who have provided guidance, support, and friendship. These people may have had a major influence on careers, decisions, and life goals. You can honor and thank these individuals by making a donation to the ACVR Foundation in their name.

How will my donation be used?

Your veterinarian works tirelessly to provide state-of-the-art medical care for your pets. A donation to the ACVR Foundation will show appreciation for your veterinarian's dedication to your pet's health and he or she can optionally receive a personalized card of thanks. We are also sure there has been an important mentor or ACVR Diplomate who has been influential in your life. A donation to the ACVR Foundation can express your thanks to the person who was instrumental in guiding you in your career. Your mentor or an ACVR Diplomate can optionally receive a personalized card of thanks indicating that you made a donation to the Foundation on their behalf. Your donation will promote the advancement of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy procedures in animals. Thank you for your support.