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Resident Education

Veterinary radiology and radiation oncology residents are veterinarians who undergo a rigorous 2-4 year training program to become specialists in diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology. Expertise must be developed in multiple imaging or radiation therapy modalities, and for multiple species. This takes a great deal of time, effort, and dedication to the profession. Educational opportunities at other institutions and attendance at conferences can help broaden their educational experience, but can be expensive. You can help support resident education by making a donation to the ACVR Foundation.

How will my donation be used?

A resident is a veterinarian who has graduated from an accredited veterinary school and is training to become a specialist in radiology or radiation oncology. Rapid advances in the veterinary profession make it difficult to educate residents in some of today's complex diagnostic imaging or radiation therapy procedures. Expertise in veterinary imaging or the use of radiation therapy for cancer treatment is critical to saving the life of a pet. Your donation will ensure that a resident receives the advanced education and training needed to become an expert in the field. Thank you for your support.